We carry products exclusively made in the U.S. by artisans and designers that stand behind their work. We value people doing what they love. We also value beautiful, well made products that make everyday feel special.  We'd like to introduce you to some of the people who make the wonderful goods you'll find in our boutique:


Amelia is the shop's eponymous in-house line of clothing inspired by special objects and the memories they evoke. Amelia’s simple, feminine, and classically inspired clothes are the uniform of evenings on front porches sipping sweet tea and cocktails, riding bicycles down quiet roads, snacking on homemade pies, having new adventures, and reveling in favorite stories.

Brehan Todd

This eclectic line is a bold approach to modern design using mostly vintage materials. These signature feminine designs attract women and men of all ages. From hidden lockets to sparkling Swarovski crystals,  and enigmatic cicadas, Brehan Todd mixes vintage elements with ethically-sourced pieces to create beautiful, sustainable, handmade jewelry.

Clair Vintage Inspired

Designer Alyson Clair's pieces are made for womanly bodies from curvy to skinny with an emphasis on fit. The Clair Vintage Inspired mission is to be the favorite piece in someone's closet. Her loyal following of fashion-obsessed fans has proven that she's making pretty clothes not just accessible, but fun and functional since 2007. Alyson is also a notable friend to the animals. Her work with shelter pets makes her doubly awesome.  

Concrete Polish
Each piece of Concrete Polish jewelry is individually handcrafted in Angela Monaco’s studio and produced on Philadelphia’s historic Jewelers’ Row with close attention to environmental concerns. She crafts each piece to become an heirloom, a precious possession to pass down through generations. Concrete Polish is bold and bewitching, rare and wearable, a marriage of mineral and metal.

Duchess Leigh

Duchess Leigh jewelry is made by, you guessed it, Duchess Leigh. Her modern silver and brass jewelry is textural, unique, and absolutely eye catching. Now residing in sunny Los Angeles, Duchess designs, fabricates, finishes, and packages everything from start to finish in her little home studio. 

ERS Creative

ERS Creative is the life and love of artist Eilen R. Stewart. Born in a small town outside Moscow, Russia, and raised in California, Eilen draws her inspiration from her roots and environment. Now based in L.A., Eileen is surrounded and inspired by the bustle of the metropolitan city, the natural beauty of her small garden, and the childhood mementos of whimsical creatures.


Fleet’s style philosophy emphasizes classic, timeless charm with notes of vintage inspiration and feminine sophistication. Lisa and Eileen founded Fleet in 2011, sewing and making jewelry in Lisa’s small apartment in Southern California. They strive for elegance and refined construction in their designs. The company has since grown, but is still sewn in L.A., and hand finished by Lisa and Eileen in their studio.

Floss Gloss Nail Polish Floss Gloss

Floss Gloss is a cruelty free nail polish brand out of San Francisco that is forumlated without DBPs, Toulene, or Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Resin. Heard of 3-free nail polishes? This one is 4-free! Founders Aretha and Janine strive to offer the most exotic, custom curated colors paired with exceptional opacity and coverage.

Handmade La Conner

Handmade La Conner is a line of high quality, eco-friendly body and home products made in the tiny, historic town of La Conner, Washington. From pure clay masks and decadent whipped creams to innovative lotion balls and detox bath salts, Robyn and Tyler make products as good for you as they are for the earth.


Hubris Apparel is all about easy clothing for busy lives. It’s inspired by real life and the wardrobe that you need to go with it. A few key pieces can make your life easier, and prettier! Women who wear Hubris feel beautiful because it shows off their assets without exposing them, making the most of a healthy, happy, body.

Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you. In these bottles are layered narratives that are sure to generate stirring conversation, fragrances that might be capable of changing the course of your own personal story. The hope is that they not only invigorate and intoxicate, but also take you to new places.

Knuckle Kiss

Based in Seattle, Angela creates eclectic, geometric-inspired jewelry with a soft, organic edge. She believes that jewelry is one of the most personal objects one can own. When it's most meaningful it becomes a sign of your sensibilities or a symbol of something special. When it's most playful, it sets a mood. It inspires, mesmerizes, and provokes.

LAB by Laura Busony

Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, LAB is focused on creating experimental, feminine, and wearable jewelry that is always 100% handmade.

Laura Busony was born in a steel town in rural Pennsylvania to parents who used their own hands to build practically everything they had. From them she learned that if you really want something, there is no more satisfying a way to get it then to make it yourself.

Lumafina Jewelry Lumafina

Hilary of Lumafina offers hand crafted alternatives to mass production, happily choosing eco-friendly, often vintage materials for her jewelry. She is fascinated with all things made by hand with skill, thought, wonder, love and detail. Through her work she hopes to remind others that who you are is a worthy part in the grand scheme of our lovely, sometimes messy, lives.

Made By Hank bags Made By Hank

Katie Henry is the stitcher behind the Made by Hank line of clutches, purses, pouches, and bags. She uses as many vintage and repurposed materials as possible. She frequently uses repurposed leather belts as straps and adorns much of work with her trademark "tough ruffles" accents, or vintage appliques. She lives in Philadelphia with her distinguished pug Frances Houseman.

Make Pie Not War

Make Pie Not War jewelry is a delightful blend of delicate and bold geometric shapes perfect for everyday wear. After escaping the corporate circus life, Alana followed her passion and began making jewelry that, while it won’t solve the world’s problems can make someone smile and take them away from their problems for a while.  

Meow Meow Tweet Meow Meow Tweet

Inspired by the olfactory experience of combining scents to produce the perfect aroma, Jeff and Tara are the masterminds behind the all natural body product line Meow Meow Tweet. They mix their body oils, soaps, and natural deodorants in their home studio with USDA certified organic plant oils, butters, and botanicals. All products are vegan, 100% natural, and of course, never tested on animals. 


Mint is a boutique nail varnish company that specializes in ultra-formulated toxin-free polish. The idea behind Mint originated after the owner’s discovery that nail polish products are still considered Hazardous Waste in counties like Los Angeles. Not included in the secret formula? Formaldehydes, DBP, and Toulene.  And Mint is never tested on our furry friends.    

MOSS Handmade

MOSS Handmade was borne out of a love for crafts and traditions passed down. It is a study in contrast, a marriage between hard and soft elements, fabric and metal. It is finding new expressions out of the old. It is rooted in the belief that things are made beautiful by the stories behind them and the love that goes with making them by hand. Diana Schreiber inherited her mad crochet skills from her paternal grandmother and her sense of style from growing up in a house full of women in Oregon. 

Munio Candela

Munio Candela was founded by Ieva Dexter and Elina Cima with the mission to capture the dream of a better life. Using only ecologically friendly ingredients and packaging, Munio makes unique, quality candles and home goods that are healthy for your indoor and outdoor environments.

Portland Black Lipstick Company

While her chief preoccupation is providing the community with excellent quality black lipstick, Kim also makes a range of other colors with the same natural formula and long wearing, richly pigmented colors that have made her lipsticks a must have item for everyone who tries them.

Sarah Bibb

Portland designer Sarah Bibb has been making clothing for discerning Portlanders (and beyond) for over 10 years now. Her new collection of slips is the realization of a long time desire to make lingerie. Finding a good, and also beautiful, slip can be a challenge but now you don’t have to scour the vintage racks to get the perfect one!

SeaHag and Walrus

Jenny Blaine is an Oregonian native that uses mostly recycled or reclaimed materials to create unique jewelry from the interesting items she has found over the years by scouring vintage shops, garage sales, and second hand stores mixed with select new materials.

Stewart and Claire Lip Balm Stewart & Claire

Stewart & Claire is a line of small batch lip balms inspired by the mixing and blending of cocktails. Made by hand using organic oils, butters, and golden beeswax combined with pure essential oils and botanically infused oils. Their collection ranges from Bare, a sensitive unscented balm, to the Old Fashioned, a bourbon reminiscent balm with notes of cedar wood, bitter orange, and black pepper, with many delicious selections in between.

Ten 2 Midnight Ten 2 Midnight Studios

Liane Crigler's design pulls elements from nature, celestial bodies, world cultures, and her own life. Her pieces are less a collection of metals and jewels as they are an anthology of stories, moments, emotions, and experiences expertly crafted in wearable works of art. 

Virginie Millefiori

Virginie Millefiori jewelry is handcrafted by the French designer herself in her New York jewelry studio. Made for whimsical people with an eye for detail and a taste for the unexpected, her jewelry is colorful and playful, modern and delicate, and always extremely well made.

Whiskey and Wine

Whiskey and Wine jewelry is a carefully made combination of new, vintage, and handmade components. Mal Warning is the hands and heart behind this local Portland line. Her work has a distinct and recognizable flair for combining geometric shapes with custom blended colors and modern composition. 

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